Preservation of Korku language

This has been another important initiative considering the fact that Korku is one of the 196 endangered languages of India. In their current scenario their aboriginal culture, traditions and egalitarian values are also dissipating.

We are proactively in the research of oral traditions and significant volume of data has been generated. This year the focus was on collating the aboriginal songs sung on various occasions.

The information available has been widely used to create IEC materials. We are currently using a lexicon, a handbook for migrant labors, preschool learning material for crèche children, range of charts and posters on various themes.

A conscious process is on to hand over the knowledge and traditions to younger generation. The aboriginal language has been increasingly used in meetings and trainings at grassroots.

This year we have mounted a campaign to popularize Rengu Korku who has been recently recognized as only one from the community to have participated in Freedom struggle along with Tantya Bhil. The community level discussions and deliberations are on to raise demand for inclusion of Korku tribe in PTG category.

Annual Korku Fest was held in Khandwa and it could exhibit the shades of aboriginality of Korku tribe. A Photo exhibition was held and urban community could see their colorful dance and aesthetic music. The discussion was held and prime focus was on advantages of Millet over cash crops and livelihood options that can be accessed in the neighborhood.

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