Spandan a grassroots organization began its journey of development with nutritionally vulnerable Korku tribe of Madhya Pradesh being troubled by scores of their children dying of malnutrition. The initial effort to draw government attention to this crude reality wasn’t easy neither savored. The years of observations, studies and community learning revealed that ghastly household hunger gnawed at the doorsteps of most of the poor ready to devour more children.

Langoti is predominantly Korku tribe inhabited village. Korku tribe still has some of its aboriginal customs and traditions intact. There are 185 Korku families (65%) of the total village households numbering 288. Most of these families are small or marginal farmers and have to supplement their livelihood by daily wage earning as well. Spandan has been working among the community since a decade and has been striving to address the major issues facing them: malnutrition, household food insecurity, distress migration, preservation of their endangered language and culture. The women of Langoti have been the key focus.

Most of the Korku families shifted to cash crops since 3-4 decades back and have gradually divorced from growing traditional crops and Millet that once was the mainstay of community food security and nutrition. Over the years their major crop soybean has failed due to erratic rainfall. It has also escalated their debts and further deteriorated their economic conditions.

Most of the poor families face acute food crisis during June –October every year. Most of their farm produce is used to pay off the debts.

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Feb, 2024


It’s a recently started initiative that began with post-COVID trauma faced by a large number of tribal girls in their reverse migration. They faced so many difficulties way back that they were terrified. They say they could not even get a sanitary pad on their way back as all shops and doors were closed.

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Feb, 2019

Smokeless Chulha

Smoking is injurious to health and so is the smoke produced from the traditional chulhas(Stoves). The traditional chulha uses wood for cooking. They not only pollute the environment but also causes various respiratory diseases and lungs infections. Tuberculosis, low birth weight, heart diseases, still birth are the other diseases that can happen due to these. Coughing is the most common among the women, pregnant women and children using traditional chulhas at homes. It is the time to make these women aware of the harmful effects of using these traditional chulhas and so we have come up with introducing SMOKELESS chulhas. These are designed in such a way that it uses less wood, cooks more efficiently and produces less smoke. We are making women aware to make these chulhas at home.

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