Awards and Recognition

1. Ashoka India Fellowship (2006) Award.
2. Father Alex Memorial award (2009).
3. NGO of the year Award by Glenmark Foundation (2014-15).
4. Stree Shakti (Rani Laxmibai) : Award 2014.
5. Best CSR Impact NGO box Award (2015).
6. Regional Winner: Spirit of Humanity Award 2016.
7. Goonj Partnership Award 2016.
Latest News

Feb, 2019

Smokeless Chulha

Smoking is injurious to health and so is the smoke produced from the traditional chulhas(Stoves). The traditional chulha uses wood for cooking. They not only pollute the environment but also causes various respiratory diseases and lungs infections. Tuberculosis, low birth weight, heart diseases, still birth are the other diseases that can happen due to these. Coughing is the most common among the women, pregnant women and children using traditional chulhas at homes. It is the time to make these women aware of the harmful effects of using these traditional chulhas and so we have come up with introducing SMOKELESS chulhas. These are designed in such a way that it uses less wood, cooks more efficiently and produces less smoke. We are making women aware to make these chulhas at home.

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